Thorough home inspections by a professional engineer

Specific and accurate reports
Computer-generated, with digital photos

Protect your family’s health and safety!

Extremely thorough and helpful

“We used Tim both before closing on our home and again before our 1 year warranty expired and he was great to work with. Not only was he always right on time and able to schedule soon after reaching out, his reports were extremely thorough and helpful when meeting with our builder. We are so glad we chose Tim as we always felt he had our best interest in mind.”

Amanda Shelly - Austin

Very valuable service

“Tim’s inspection and complete and detailed report about our new house prior to the drywall going up has been very valuable to us. His inspection found a lot of things that builder missed. I just wanted to say thank you for your professional, insightful, and very thorough job. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.”

Michael Huber - Leander

The best inspector

“Tim is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot of them. Just want to say you are the best inspector I have ever hired - we will use you again.”

Gustav O'Keiff - Austin

Your attention to detail

“Tim is the absolute best home inspector in central Texas. My wife and I were truly impressed with your services. Your attention to detail was impressive and your quality of work shows during our walk through and in your report. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will pass your name and number to anyone who needs your services.”

Michael Hankemeier - Georgetown

Very impressive inspection

“I thought the inspection was very thorough, and it gave us a guideline of what to look for and point out for our pre-close walkthrough of the house. Our builder even remarked that there were several things on the list that he would've missed unless you'd pointed them out. We were overall very impressed.”

James Bowers - Round Rock

Return on your investment

“We want to thank you for the great job you did on our inspection. We were able to get $1600 in relief and repairs, a 200% return on our investment!”

Steve Sutton - Lakeway

Worth every penny

“You were thorough and thoughtful in your work. I would highly recommend you without any reservations. We appreciate your help very much. I now feel so much better about the house. I will pass your name on to as many of my friends and family as possible!”

Kimberly O’Malley - Spicewood

Extraordinary service

“We were delighted with your service and expedience! You can definitely count on our recommendation to others in the future. I must say, you are very thorough with your work and your professionalism is unmatched.”

Maurice Khollman - Austin

Professional and thorough

“You were very professional and extremely thorough which made us feel more at ease in purchasing our new home. We are very grateful to our friends for recommending you to us. You did a great job and we are very thankful.”

Burks Bauerlein - Leander

A pleasure to work with

“I love your attitude, your approach, and your professionalism, and am thoroughly grateful to my friend for recommending you to me. I too will recommend you without hesitation.”

Kirsten Schneider - Austin

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Helpful Information To Have

  • Address
  • Age (Year constructed)
  • Area (Square-footage)
  • Number of stories
  • Foundation (Slab or pier-and-beam)
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Outbuildings (Detached garage, apartment, or shed)
  • Septic system
  • Water well
  • Irrigation system (Lawn sprinklers)


A professional home inspection may cost anywhere from $350 to $700 or more, but that's a relatively small expense considering the amount of money involved in your total investment.

The price should be of minor concern when you consider how much you are planning on investing in a home. A professional home inspection is generally considered well worth the cost.

When considering price, also consider qualifications. Not every inspector is a licensed professional inspector. Even fewer are able to offer you the added security and confidence of being a registered professional engineer.

I see each home as unique, so do not estimate price solely on the size of the home, or even the selling price as do many inspectors. Instead, I base my pricing on the actual systems and components in the home, and estimate the time to be spent during the inspection accordingly. This method allows me to provide my clients the most fair and reasonable price, since it reflects the actual complexity of the property. As a result, my fees are fair, yet remain competitive.

My pricing covers fixed costs, operating expenses, travel, general business overhead, insurance premiums, and operating expenses.

I also include a time estimate of how long I expect to spend on site at the house, inspecting and reviewing my findings with you. It does not include travel time or report-writing time. Depending on how it goes, the report often takes me as long as the inspection. I typically finish late evening, which is when I finally email out the report. These are some reasons why I am not inexpensive.

The inspection fee is a flat fee. It doesn't change. If it takes me less time, the fee is the same. If it takes me more time, I do not raise the fee. More often, I spend more time than less. You are not paying by-the-hour. The purpose of the time estimate is so you know how long I think I will be spending at the house. Obviously, I never quite know how it will go.

I encourage you to compare inspectors and compare fees, and choose the one with whom you are most comfortable. When you do, be sure to compare the time each inspector spends. I know other inspectors spend much less time, and as a result, their hourly fee would end up being higher than mine if you look at it that way. I am able to inspect only one house per day. Other inspectors can do two or sometimes more.

I hope to educate my clients about the value of the services they receive for the money they pay. If you have any questions, please give me a call.


Cash or personal checks are accepted upon completion of the Inspection and delivery of the Report. Credit cards are not accepted.

Payment of the fee is due prior to delivery of the report.

A receipt is provided to you on the last page of the report.

Payment for termite and wood-destroying insect inspections by a third-party inspector should be made separately, i.e. when paying by check, please bring two checks.