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Extremely thorough and helpful

“We used Tim both before closing on our home and again before our 1 year warranty expired and he was great to work with. Not only was he always right on time and able to schedule soon after reaching out, his reports were extremely thorough and helpful when meeting with our builder. We are so glad we chose Tim as we always felt he had our best interest in mind.”

Amanda Shelly - Austin

Very valuable service

“Tim’s inspection and complete and detailed report about our new house prior to the drywall going up has been very valuable to us. His inspection found a lot of things that builder missed. I just wanted to say thank you for your professional, insightful, and very thorough job. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.”

Michael Huber - Leander

The best inspector

“Tim is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot of them. Just want to say you are the best inspector I have ever hired - we will use you again.”

Gustav O'Keiff - Austin

Your attention to detail

“Tim is the absolute best home inspector in central Texas. My wife and I were truly impressed with your services. Your attention to detail was impressive and your quality of work shows during our walk through and in your report. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will pass your name and number to anyone who needs your services.”

Michael Hankemeier - Georgetown

Very impressive inspection

“I thought the inspection was very thorough, and it gave us a guideline of what to look for and point out for our pre-close walkthrough of the house. Our builder even remarked that there were several things on the list that he would've missed unless you'd pointed them out. We were overall very impressed.”

James Bowers - Round Rock

Return on your investment

“We want to thank you for the great job you did on our inspection. We were able to get $1600 in relief and repairs, a 200% return on our investment!”

Steve Sutton - Lakeway

Worth every penny

“You were thorough and thoughtful in your work. I would highly recommend you without any reservations. We appreciate your help very much. I now feel so much better about the house. I will pass your name on to as many of my friends and family as possible!”

Kimberly O’Malley - Spicewood

Extraordinary service

“We were delighted with your service and expedience! You can definitely count on our recommendation to others in the future. I must say, you are very thorough with your work and your professionalism is unmatched.”

Maurice Khollman - Austin

Professional and thorough

“You were very professional and extremely thorough which made us feel more at ease in purchasing our new home. We are very grateful to our friends for recommending you to us. You did a great job and we are very thankful.”

Burks Bauerlein - Leander

A pleasure to work with

“I love your attitude, your approach, and your professionalism, and am thoroughly grateful to my friend for recommending you to me. I too will recommend you without hesitation.”

Kirsten Schneider - Austin

  • My Testimonials

Client Feedback

In my commitment to provide the best in home inspection customer service, I follow up each inspection with a survey of my performance. Below are some of my satisfied customers who have allowed me to share some of their kind words.

Michael P. - Austin

  • Tim is a very thorough, detail-oriented inspector. The first time I hired him, his inspection steered me to avoid a very bad property (though it looked good from the outside mostly due to its thick layers of fresh paint). He identified deficiencies in all parts of the house except the refrigerator (which was cooling properly). When I found my brand-new dream house recently completed by a large corporate builder, he identified many deficiencies which the builder was able to correct. I was initially advised by family to not spend the money on inspecting a new house (as they're inspected many times along the way), but I decided to do so anyway as I had confidence in Tim based on the first inspection and didn't want to find the builder cut corners. I was very glad I did hire Tim as those builder and city inspectors are cursory and neglected multiple code violations and other bad practices--basically those inspectors rubber stamp builder houses, which was very disappointing to experience first-hand. Tim also has been an invaluable resource after the inspection, as he has corresponded with me to explain things that were above my understanding (I am not in the construction field), provided relevant instructional materials, and helped me piece together intelligent requests to the builder. After a year in my house, I rehired Tim to reinspect the house, and again I am glad I did as he identified developing issues and items not fixed correctly the first time by the builder.

Tim Diven - Spicewood

  • Tim is an outstanding inspector. I used him years ago on another house and was very impressed. I later moved and ended up using another inspector recommended by my realtor and was very disappointed, as he was no where near as thorough as Tim was. I re-hired Tim for my most recent inspection and will never use another inspector in the Austin area besides him. Highly, highly recommend!

Satish Das - Round Rock

  • Extremely impressed with the inspection by Tim. It was thorough, detailed and informative. Would recommend it to anyone who needs peace of mind and great service.

Lorlie Ellis - Georgetown

  • Thank you Tim! You did excellent job with the pre-pour inspection. I learned a lot with the walk-through. I think the builders were taken back with how thorough your report noted all the details. I will be contacting you for the pre-drywall inspection. I would definitely refer you to friends and family.

Greg Carley - Austin

  • Extremely pleased with how thorough you were. Will highly recommend you to friends and co-workers and would most definitely use you for future home purchases.

Amanda Shelly - Austin

  • We used Tim both before closing on our home and again before our 1 year warranty expired and he was great to work with. Not only was he always right on time and able to schedule soon after reaching out, his reports were extremely thorough and helpful when meeting with our builder. We are so glad we chose Tim as we always felt he had our best interest in mind. Very thorough! Thank you so much.

D. H. - Leander

  • Tim’s inspection and complete and detailed report about our new house prior to the drywall going up has been very valuable to us. His inspection found a lot of things that builder missed. I just wanted to say thank you for your professional, insightful, and very thorough job. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.

Michael Huber - Leander

  • Tim did a fantastic job inspecting our new home prior to the drywall going up. He found a lot of things that I missed, even though I'm well versed in construction. I highly recommend Tim's services.

Peter Bach - Georgetown

  • Thanks Tim, your inspection and information provided about our house has been very valuable to us.

John Schaeffer - Lakeway

  • The inspection report and findings have been extremely helpful while interviewing architects and builders to distinguish their understanding and capabilities for our renovation.

Katelyn Cassidy - Austin

  • Tim's inspection and walk through were professional, insightful, and very thorough. My mother-in-law recommended him and has worked with him numerous times and I can see why. He is very dedicated to what he does, pays an enormous amount of attention to detail, and really takes the time to answer every question you may have. Tim's ability to clearly and efficiently explain his findings during the walk through left me feeling educated about the home and the various items that needed addressing. Tim exceeded my expectations in every way and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone looking for a home inspector.

Clay Menzel - Georgetown

  • Always good.

Steve Matt - Lakeway

  • Wish the scale was higher, Tim's service is 10 out of 5!

Carolyn Brooks - Austin

  • I've worked with Tim twice now and each time he has presented me with a thorough and clear inspection. He's provided me with follow-up information relating to the inspection reports, and I will continue using Tim's services as long as I am a home owner. Thanks Tim!

Kimberly McLaughlin - Lakeway

  • Tim is the best inspector I have ever worked with. He is extremely throughout and knowledgeable. He is also able to communicate clearly with his clients about the importance of items from a safety, expense and level of difficulty of repairs.

Linda James - Georgetown

  • Very thorough. You found many deficiencies I would never have known about. I will gladly recommend!

Nicole Yacktman - Austin

  • It was pleasure working with you! Thank you for your help!

Rich and Susie Schreib - Austin

  • It was the best and most thorough home inspection we ever received. Tim is incredibly knowledgeable of all housing aspects -- structural, roof, HVAC systems, electric, plumbing, civil, etc. and he documents every detail with a complete review process. We would recommend anyone buying a home to have Tim inspect it first to make an informed decison prior to purchase. Tim saved us thousands of dollar off the price of our home for needed repairs that we were totally unaware of. And he is the nicest person you will ever meet.

Lisa S. - Cedar Park

  • Tim is extremely thorough and detail oriented with his home inspections. He really provided us with good peace of mind before making such an important decision for our family.

Liset Garmon - Jarrell

  • I can't thank you enough for your time and that awesome report. You will be getting a very awesome review soon. I just want to say thank you and let you know that our builder is going to fix everything. Every point and detail you gave on your report is being checked off. I'm amazed of how quick they are getting to things. Each contractor has a copy of their section of the report. They are using it to make sure those things get done. You're so amazing and worth every penny. Thank again Tim!

Donna Rose - Austin

  • I just don't see how you could do any better than Tim Kallmer. He was professional, very thorough with much thought and care in how he went about his work, including communicating with us. He was courteous, considerate, efficient, clean, and followed up as promised on several items including recommendations on trustworthy contractors. We were more than pleased and felt great value from his thorough assessment and written report. Thanks again, Tim!

Brent - Austin

  • Everything was well done and the information you provided was very useful during our final negotiations.

John Johnson - Georgetown

  • You did an excellent job and I will refer you to anyone looking to have their home inspected.

Francia Baez - Pflugerville

  • Tim, I appreciate your work. As always very detailed. I will continue using your services whenever I need this type of service, and I will continue recommend you to my friends that need your type of service. You are worth every penny. Keep safe and honest, as you are. May the Lord continue blessing your business.

Gustav O'Keiff - Austin

  • Tim is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot of them.
  • Just want to say you are the best inspector I have ever hired - we are still in the market and we will use you again.

Carolyn Brooks - Austin

  • Thank you Tim. The thorough inspection has allowed me to learn more about the home I'm purchasing. I've also been able to use the results to ensure the home meets my expectations prior to closing and move in. I appreciate the visual walkthrough and demonstrations you've provided. I'm not walking into the purchase blind. Hope you are available for a final revisit. Again, thanks much.

Michael Hankemeier - Georgetown

  • My wife and I were truly impressed with your services. Your attention to detail was impressive and your quality of work shows during our walk through and in your report. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We got the builder to fix and correct every issue in the report. Thank you sir, I will pass your name and number to anyone who needs your services.
  • Tim is the absolute best home inspector in central Texas. He showed up at 8am, took his time and was extremely thorough, and checked the small things that most home inspectors overlook. Tim is an engineer so he understands details matter and provides better insight then your average home inspector. We were instantly impressed during the walk through and that was even before we made it to the second floor. The report was even more impressive, it's twice as long and more detailed then any other inspection I've read. Tim you saved us a ton of money and we appreciate everything, keep up the good work and you have a return customer for life...

Tricia Dealy - Austin

  • We loved working with you! I've already told many people how great you were.

Steve Wagh - Lakeway

  • You were efficient, thorough and professional. Plus you seem to be a great guy. That's why we've used your service over and over.

Francia Baez - Leander

  • Thanks for your high-quality professional services. This report is very detailed, which I will use as a guidance for repairs in the event we proceed with the purchase of the property. We had good reference about you; however, we were a bit skeptical due to your premium cost. Nonetheless, I went ahead and secured your services, and the payoff was a jackpot! Rest assured, my sister and I are now members of your reference list.

Miguel Solis - Austin

  • I am very happy with your inspection work. I like your detailed report and your comments. I know the worth of having a properly inspection and the benefits of this. Thank you, and you be sure that I will recommend you highly if someone I know needs an inspection.

Charlie Hicks - Austin

  • Very responsive to a tight time frame for our inspection...information was delivered in a professional way with good explanations as to the priority of items in need of attention.

John Drobnica - Leander

  • Great personal and professional service, thanks for being flexible regarding our scheduling and for the reassurance that our home is in good condition.

Bob Hill - Austin

  • Tim Kallmer at Engineered Real Estate Inspection is a premier example of the best in the business. Not only was his inspection thorough and detailed, he took the time to educate me about home maintenance and problem prevention. Because Tim is also a Professional Engineer, he was able to provide expert advice regarding remediation of any issues needing attention. I would recommend Tim's services without hesitation. He is a pleasure to work with.

Thep T. - Austin

  • Thank you for the detailed report. I am very happy with the services you provided.

Annie Wilson - Austin

  • Your service greatly helped me make a better informed decision.

Roger Stewart - Austin

  • Wow! Tim, thanks so much for your diligence, detail, and comprehensive inspection report and the very helpful post-inspection walk-through you gave us yesterday! We're very impressed! Excellent service! Thorough, comprehensive, and very well explained!

Maria Stewart - Austin

  • We thought you were great, and we really appreciated your diligence, expertise, patience, and all around good-natured helpfulness! Your kind willingness and availability to promptly answer our follow-up questions during our option period is much appreciated, too. We will gladly look for opportunities to share your name--it is great to have a trusted resource to recommend.

David S - Austin

  • This was the second time we used Tim, and have appreciated his knowledge and thoroughness.

Nicole Davis - Austin

  • Appreciate the thorough inspection! Wish either my husband or I could have attended. Which leads me to my only suggestion (since we live out of state). I would have appreciated a little write-up on the "mechanics" of the home and things they work. Not sure how much our realtor will recall by the time we move move down mid-April. I know it would have taken a little bit more of your time, but I would have gladly paid say an extra $50 for such info. Thanks again for the great inspection!

Ange Mitchell - Cedar Park

  • This was a very professional and thorough experience. I would highly recommend his services.

Glena Yates - Austin

  • Having worked with many inspection companies through my title company I was very pleasantly surprised. You were thorough, responsive and full of helpful ideas. Thank you!!

Shane Farrar - Austin

  • Great service.

Bradley Brandt - Austin

  • You were extremely thorough and we appreciated all of the details. Thank you!

Randy Judycki - Austin

  • I really appreciated the walk through of the property. It provided me with a big picture of the property and the repairs the house has. Great job and I will recommend you to others.

Susan McMarlin - Austin

  • We appreciate your work and that you were so prompt in getting to the job!

Alexis Michael - Lago Vista

  • Very thorough, very professional, and quality work. Well done!

James Bowers - Round Rock

  • I was very impressed with your inspection. Your comments on the report were very thorough and your suggestions really helped us feel educated about the details of our home, especially being first-time home buyers. Our builder even remarked that there were things in your report he would have missed otherwise. We'll definitely recommend you to others.

Sharon Deol - Austin

  • Thank you for spending so much time at the house and reviewing everything with me. I was able to evaluate the comments in the inspection report and get repair estimates for most everything. I presented a comprehensive request for compensation to cover the repairs to the seller. This resulted in negotiating several thousand dollars off of the sale price of the house to help cover the repairs that we'll make after we close on the house.

Bruce Ure - Austin

  • Tim, your inspection was very thorough and factual. You located issues that we would not have otherwise located. I appreciate you taking the time to go over everything with me. It sure helped explain everything to our builder. Thank you for the great, professional job.

Annie Johnson - Austin

  • Was very easy to work with and during walk through he made sure we understood all of his findings. We wanted to make sure we had a great inspection before our warranty was over and even the builder commented on how thorough he was :-)

Robert Koenig - Austin

  • Tim's attention to detail went above and beyond. The report was particular and informative, covering details that other inspectors might have missed. Tim's impressive credentials and background lend themselves to providing a very thorough job. We have used other brand name inspectors in the past, but none have provided the technical details and attention to quality as Tim.

Natalie Grothause - Cedar Park

  • I was very impressed with the level of detail you provided. This assured my husband and I that since you found even the small things that you wouldn't miss any major things. The report was easy to understand and I will most definitely use you for an inspection needs in the future and also recommend you to family and friends in the area.

David Gayler - Austin

  • "Top drawer! Thanks Tim!"

Beau Osborne - Austin

  • Job well done. We are so happy Kim referred you to us, and will definitely use your services in the future. Thank you!

Adam Saltsman - Austin

  • Fantastic job, extremely thorough and communicative.

Ryan Helms - Austin

  • Very thorough inspection. Offered up insight, explained potential issues or code changes and made recommendations that I would otherwise not have considered. I like having all the facts in a given situation and Tim made me at ease with his attention to detail. Highly recommended.

Lindsey Hanna - Austin

  • "Thanks so much for your thorough assessment! We'll pass your name along.

Scott Hamilton - Austin

  • Great, will engage with you next time.

Andrea Mitchell - Austin

  • Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to everyone! You were just great.

Ramon Cuevas - Austin

  • Found Tim online and could not be say enough about his professionalism and knowledge. Answer all my questions and provided a copy of the inspection report in less than 24 hours. Would highly recommend!

Frank Burzik - Horseshoe Bay

  • I have had over ten homes inspected in the past forty years and never had such a complete professional inspection report. The builder of the home who represented the seller addressed every issue with code documentation, supplier documentation and or repair as required. The repair process as a result was very straight forward and complete. I would recommend Tim without hesitation to inspect any home prior to purchase. You will know if there are any issues right up front. The cost is well worth the peace of mind you will get knowing all the skeletons are exposed!

Scotty Moore - Austin

  • Tim is AMAZING. I was really impressed, but felt even better when our realtor said she was impressed as well! He produced a very easy to read and understand report that even included pictures. He took a good chunk of time to walk us throught the house and show us what he found. Amazingly AWESOME. Thanks so much Tim.

Kirsten Schneider - Austin

  • I love your attitude, your approach, and your professionalism, and am thoroughly grateful to my friend for recommending you to me. I too will recommend you without hesitation.

James Bowers - Round Rock

  • I thought the inspection was very thorough, and it gave us a guideline of what to look for and point out for our pre-close walkthrough of the house. Our builder even remarked that there were several things on the list that he would've missed unless you'd pointed them out. We were overall very impressed and we'll let our realtor know.

Steve Sutton - Lakeway

  • We want to thank you for the great job you did on our inspection. As you said, it is a very nice house, but we were still able to get $1600 in relief and repairs, a 200% return on our investment! Thanks again and we will certainly recommend you, or call on you again if we need your service. One negative is your inspection summary became my new "Honey Do" list! Just kidding.

Linda Hughes - Round Rock

  • I wanted to let you know everyone was very impressed with your work. Your evaluation spoke volumes and they are going to address your report and make changes for our next walk through! Much thanks and as always, thanks for a great job.
  • Thanks for your promptness and professional feedback. I appreciate you starting early on your inspection to help us with important feedback before our closing.

John Cunningham - Austin

  • You did a great job and provided me with detailed information. I was especially impressed with your willingness to walk me through the issues you found in the house personally. I will definitely recommend you to friends.

Leslie Zachary - Austin

  • Tim, the thoroughness of your inspection revealed many flaws in the house we had hoped to buy. As one broker said, "He saved you a lot of money!" We have passed your name along to her. When we find the next house, you will be our inspector again.

Carol Fredenburg - Austin

  • We were very pleased with your proficiency and professionalism regarding our inspection. We think you did a super, super job and will highly recommend you if anyone we know happens to be looking for an inspector. I will be giving you name and number to my cousin's wife.I will let her know how very much we valued your service. Thanks again!
  • Thanks again for a job well done. My real estate agent will defintely consider you for future inspections.
  • I am never dissapointed in the inspections you have done for us. I will recommend your services whenever I can.
  • Thank you!

Marilyn Iskra - Austin

  • Your inspection was incredibly thorough. The issue you uncovered with the air conditioner made your inspection well worth the price. No one ever would have figured that out except you! We are extremely, extremely happy with your work (the pre-drywall and the final inspections) and we will definitely refer our friends to you. Also, thanks for your flexibility when things got held up and the inspection was delayed.
  • We are so happy that we had you do our pre-drywall inspection. The problems that you identified with two of our windows was HUGE. The builder is now working with the manufacturer to correct the problem. We never would have known about this problem prior to closing on the house if it weren't for you. We definately plan to have you do our final inspection too.

TM Andreola - Leander

  • It was a pleasure to meet you and I will be recommending you to any/all of my friends/family who are in need of home inspections.

Jose Moreno - Austin

  • It was a real pleasure working with you. We are so happy that we chose you as inspector for our future home. Your work identified some valuable details and your service and courtesy were outstanding. Overall, hiring you made us feel more comfortable about the home and you are definitely worth your fees. We will definitely recommend you to other people. Thank you!

Kel Becker - Dripping Springs

  • Best home inspection service I ever dealt with. Very, very thorough.

Carl Morse - Austin

  • Our builder was genuinely excited and interested in your report. In fact, he enjoys inspection reports because he learns and picks up some tips as well--especially on how to build a better home. Overall, your report was valuable and I will not hesitate to enlist your help to any friends or neighbors in the future.
  • You found that the kitchen area did not have a supply air grille. The builder went back to their hvac installer and found that there is one installed. It accidentally got covered up by the sheetrock sub-contractors. Your fee alone was worth every penny to me for this item to be recovered and found. I don’t know if this would have ever been found so I thank you dearly. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by and say hello. And thanks again for such a superb and thorough inspection report you performed for us.

Name Withheld - Driftwood

  • Very much appreciated your professionalism and urgency. Your coming back to our house after realizing you missed one very small item was great! Clearly you have integrity and that's hard to come by these days.

Neilynn Hebert - Buda

  • Our builder commented your report was one of the best he'd seen. He was very impressed--and we are too! Thank you. We will be happy to recommend you to our friends.

Nicholas Mollison - Austin

  • Tim, I think you did a great job both times and successfully brought some very important matters to our attention as well as being thorough in the details. For example, the moisture spot you picked up in the second home led me to have the shower pan tested. We confirmed that there was a small leak present and subsequently negotiated the repair. Each time I had a contractor on site (HVAC at the first home and plumber at the second) they commented on several of the same items that were in your inspection report without me first tipping them off. I took this as confirmation of your findings and, most importantly, I was prepared and there were no surprises. Finally, I think your reports will be a great reference for identifying which issues we want to address on our own, as well as all the "easy fixes" that will enable us to have a better inspection when it's our time to sell. Your thoroughness may cost a little extra, but I'm sure it more than pays for itself.

Martin Herring - Austin

  • You are very thorough. I liked your report and the detail it contained. I would recommend you to anyone buying a house.

Shannon Boyd - Austin

  • You did a great job. No complaints.

Burks Bauerlein - Leander

  • I would like to write a testimonial on your web site if you don't mind. I cannot tell you how much your promptness in replying to our need for a home inspection meant to us. You were very professional and extremely thorough which made us feel more at ease in purchasing our new home. I will be very happy to give you recommendations when that time comes - and we are very grateful to our friends for recommending you to us. I wouldn't change the perfection in your inspections at all. You did a great job and we are very thankful.

Tom Jennings - Round Rock

  • I gave you 5's on everything. I wish that you would have been the inspector on our first home. I love that you give a detailed copy of everything with pictures. I think it really made a difference when negotiating with the seller’s on what they would fix. We really appreciate your thorough inspection and kindness. We will definitely refer you to anyone we know who is moving. Our Realtor was impressed with how thorough you were as well.

Chris Stella - Austin

  • Tim, you did a great job for us. I can appreciate a thorough inspection. I am a tradesman with a keen eye for detail. Thanks again, I will definitely refer you if I get a chance.

Chase Hamilton - Austin

  • I would rate you with fives in every category on your survey. Again thanks for your excellent work.

Ron Meyer - Buda

  • Thanks for making yourself available on short notice. I would recommend you highly to others.

Ashley Perrien - Hutto

  • 5 for all, excellent inspection, very satisfied with the work.

Kimberly O'Malley - Spicewood

  • You were thorough and thoughtful in your work. I would highly recommend you without any reservations. We appreciate your help very much. I now feel so much better about the house. I will pass your name on to as many of my friends and family as possible.

Clay Menzel - Austin

  • All 5's. I recommended you to my sister.

Maurice Khollman - Austin

  • We were delighted with your service and expedience! You can definitely count on our recommendation to others in the future. I must say; you are very thorough with your work and your professionalism isunmatched. We appreciate you making an effort to visit the proposed location in such short notice.

Trevor Colvin - Kyle

  • I would rate you an overall 5. You did an excellent job and I will definitely be referring your name to any friends or family looking to purchase in the Austin area.

Name Withheld - Austin

  • All 5's both times. You were a great match for me and my needs. I will recommend you.

Janice Lai - Round Rock

  • I give you a 5 in all areas. Extra comments: I was impressed that you were early to the appointment, took the time to explain to me what you were doing as you were doing it, and provided an extremely thorough report of your findings. Because of your suggestions, I have no doubt that my home will be safer than it would've been in its own.
  • I'd like to give you not a 5, but a 10+ on all items! Again, was very impressed that you were early, meticulous about your inspection, and took the time to help me learn more about my house. In fact, the builder's inspector declared it one of the "cleanest" homes he's walked in some time. I'm convinced it's due in some part to your careful inspection and recommendations. Mahalo again for your help! I will happily recommend to you anyone I know that is looking for a reliable and trustworthy home inspector.

Richard Nesbit - Georgetown

  • My son was right when he said you would do a very good job.

Name Withheld - Lakeway

  • All of my answers are 5. You did great. We have already filled out our final warranty and the wording was easy thanks to your report. We have a few small things that will keep us busy this summer, but nothing major. Thanks again for your professionalism, promptness and customer service.

JW Helms - Austin

  • It's all 5's.

Adianto Winarto - Austin

  • Excellent work! Thorough reports from all major items into all small details. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Jamie Beck - Austin

  • Thanks! You do a great job. You are very detailed and thorough. We will refer you to our friends.

Aimee P. - Pflugerville

  • Thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness in performing our home inspection. You pointed out many aspects to our home we hadn't noticed before that helped us get a more complete view of the home. Also, your report was extremely helpful in identifying and prioritizing items to negotiate with the builder for fixes prior to closing. Thanks again.

Chris Dotson - Kyle

  • I give you 5's across the board. I am telling everyone about the importance of having a home inspection and I am handing out your cards as fast as I can. The builder has really stepped up their performance due to the inspections that you provided for us. Your services are top rate and hiring you was the smartest decision that I have made (besides marrying my wife). Thank you for your assistance today, and throughout the build process. I feel like you have made our house better and you have educated us along the way. I know more about my house than I would have ever thought. Your thoroughness and professionalism are wonderful and I think that we made a perfect choice by hiring you for our inspector. Thank you for getting this report out as soon as you did.
  • Once again, thank you for your expertise and identification of items that are potential hazards, or issues with construction that could cause issues later. It has been extremely helpful and no doubt the best money that we have or will spend on the house. I give you a 5 (best) all the way across the board. You have exceeded my expectations and I am actively trying to promote your services to anyone that is buying an existing house or getting a new house built. There is a lady that is getting a house exactly like mine built just around the block from us and I have passed your information along to her. She was impressed by the things that I pointed out that you found and stated that she would contact you very soon to get you to inspect her house as well. Working with you has been a pleasure and a great learning experience. I feel like after I close I will have a "better" house than I would have otherwise and the inspections that you have performed have sent a message to the builder that the mistakes that they make "will" be found, no matter how small, and will need to be corrected. I would NEVER buy a house or build a new house without an inspection of your quality. Hiring you was the best decision that we have made and the peace of mind is priceless. Thank you for all that you have done for us. It is nice to see that someone takes pride in their work. For you to bring ice with you to check a window seal was remarkable and pleasantly surprising. Please continue to do work exactly the way that you are.

Zach Wehner - Austin

  • Thanks very much for your thorough inspection. I am extremely pleased with the inspection you did for me and would happily refer you to anyone who needs a home inspection.

Paul Brewer - Austin

  • I marked "5" all the way down. You did a very good and thourough job from what I could tell.

Jan Walinski - Georgetown

  • Your services were excellent and we would refer you to friends and family. Again, thanks for the excellent job of inspecting our new home.

Tom Robinson - Fischer

  • You did a great job on my pre-pour inspection, and I want to contract with you to inspect for the pre-drywall inspection as well. Thanks again.

Brian Dauenhauer - Austin

  • I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a good quality home inspection. Thanks! And thanks for the good work you did. We really appreciate your attention to detail and we thought you were very easy to work with.

Susie Machen - Austin

  • We did want to tell you how professional you present yourself and what a thorough job you did for us. We have already referred you to our friends. Thanks again for an amazing inspection!

John Melton - Austin

  • You did a great job. Thanks again for your help.

Mark Stevens - Austin

  • Thanks again for your services! My answers are "5" across the board. I really appreciated your attention to detail in looking at all of the aspects of my new house. I also really liked how you explained all of the different systems and components of the house as you inspected them - I feel like I have a much better understanding of my house now.

Tony Breard - Austin

  • Again, yours was the most thoroughly complete and useful home inspection service we have ever utilized. It helped us with our decision to buy, and it allowed the builder to bring the home back into warranty condition.
  • Yours was the best, most thorough, and most complete home inspection I have ever had. Just keep up the good work.

Mary Ross - Austin

  • In every category, I rated you the very best. I have been a realtor in the Houston area for over 20 years, and without a doubt, this is one of the best written reports I have seen. The thing I like the most is your preparation of the new owner not to panic! Thanks so much for your quick response to our request and the thorough inspection. We appreciate it so much!

Susie Dortch - Lakeway

  • I thought you did a great job and because of your report, we were better able to negotiate our price.

Tim Diven - Lakeway

  • We've already recommended you to several friends. Thanks for doing such a great job, our builder fixed all the safety concerns and a majority of the smaller items. Thanks again.

Paul Azevedo - Cedar Park

  • I give you a "5" in each of the catagories (That's why I re-hired you!).

Tami Andrews - Round Rock

  • Your service far exceeded our expectations. Thank you again for making yourself available on such short notice and for doing such a thorough and complete inspection of our new home.

Stephen Williams - Lakeway

  • I've run housing programs all over the world for the State Department and been through several home of inspections here in the USA. You can certainly tell the difference when the inspection is done by someone with an engineering background. Your work is definitely of a higher caliber than others I have encountered and I appreciate it very much.

Ron Rudiak - Austin

  • I will be recommending your service to my acquaintances as the opportunity arises. And I would be happy to provide a good reference for you if you have a potential client who is questioning the quality and value of your service.

Bud Kulesza - Austin

  • Thanks for everything, Tim. You did a great job and Marie and I really appreciate your helping to make the builder aware of what needed to be done to complete the house to our satisfaction. Your thoroughness was noted more than once by the superintendent and when I commented, "Isn't that what you would want from a third part inspector working for you?" His only reply was, "You are right!". What else could he say? We also appreciate your flexibility in meeting the numerous reschedules as trades were often not ready for your inspection. In the end your "being on our side" gave us the additional confidence we needed to confirm that we were getting the quality home we were paying for. With appreciation and thanks.

Roger Graham - Dripping Springs

  • You exceeded my expectations. We may call you prior to our 12-month warranty walk through.

Keith Fiala - Wimberley

  • I would rate you a 5 on ALL categories. I felt as though I was thoroughly informed on my new home, and feel confident moving forward. Thanks so much again!

Pat Crotty - Round Rock

  • This was my first time buying a house out of state. Since I was all the way across the country in New York and not able to be present at my inspection, I put all my faith in Tim to see things that we did not look at when we viewed the house. He not only set up the appointment with the listing agent, but did it in such a timely manner that it gave us time to really go through all his findings before the date on our contract. The pictures he sent via e-mail were clear and went with his written descriptions. He really made us feel confident that we hired the right person to check out the house for us. We did negotiate with the sellers on a few of the things Tim found and have his full report with pictures to use for repairs we will make in the house once we're settled. Without that we might not take care of things that would become much bigger problems in the future. I can't thank my real estate agent enough for recommending him. It really makes me feel like this move to Austin is the right one. I would highly recommend him!

Kyle Leach - Austin

  • We will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection. Your inspection report was very well documented and the explanations were very detailed. We both appreciate your time and the amount of detail you put into both the inspection and the report. I can't say it enough how helpful your report was in explaining what was deficient and why it was that way. We give you all 5's across the board. Thanks again for all your help.

Kirk Smith - Austin

  • Just wanted to let you know that I was completely satisfied with your service and I will definitely call on you again, and recommend you to others. Thanks!

Mark Chandler - Austin

  • Your service was exceptional, thank you. You were very thorough. I give you the highest marks on each question.

Martin Phillips - Austin

  • All 5's. Or 6's, or higher. Seriously, you did a great job. You are very good at what you do. Thanks again--you did an awesome job.

Carl Davies - Austin

  • I found the photographs extremely useful, and brought perspective to some scary comments.

Amy Plummer - Lakeway

  • I usually try to be very constructive in my feedback (after years an HR manager), but I have nothing but praise for your work on the inspection. You were so thorough, and as remote buyers, that was of utmost importance to my husband and me.

Michelle Pruett - Austin

  • Thanks, Tim! Your report also came in handy when going to buy a dryer--we couldn't remember what kind of connection we needed but were able to refer to your report! We'll let you know when we set up the housewarming party!

Malcolm Daniel - Austin

  • Thanks for the thorough inspection and detailed report. I really like the work you do.

Jolie Tate - Austin

  • Thank you so much for doing a great job on the inspection. Buying a home is such a big investment and it's nice knowing what we are getting into. I've made a prioritized list of all the things you listed on the inspection. That should keep us busy with projects for a while! Thanks again for everything.

Fleur Hedden - Austin

  • On a scale of 1-to-5, a "6" for "I met your expectations." I certainly appreciate your effort to improve your services through client feedback, Tim. I typically make every effort to give substantive content to encourage this effort. In this case, I have nothing to add. I had already intended to keep your inspection report to use as a learning tool and checklist. Therefore, you know I valued your service. I can and will gladly recommend your services and refer others to you. Many thanks, again and again.

Brett - Austin

  • All "5's" on everything. Great job! I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection.

Leslie Cameron - Austin

  • My husband and I were both highly impressed with your thoroughness, your explanations, and your attention to safety issues. We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends or strangers and will be using your services on our current home when budget constraints allow. We feel blessed to have been put in contact with you. You have made us feel informed regarding the conditions of the 81-year old cottage we are purchainging. Thank you so much.

Keryn Glasser - Austin

  • Very convenient, professional, and thorough. Thank you, and thanks for the additional advice.

Rodney Bristol - Cedar Park

  • All questions rated as a "5." You are very thorough and did an excellent job.

Belva Kiser - Lakeway

  • You did a wonderful job and I appreciate your professionalism and expertise on the job. I will always recommend you for inspections.

Paul Briuglio - Austin

  • I rate you the highest on all categories. I was telling my Realtor how impressed I was with your inspection and follow up. I would definitely use you again and refer you to friends.

Michael Stone - Austin

  • Thank you very much for doing such a great job on this report. It was extremely helpful for me. I'll be sure to refer anyone needing an inspection straight to you! I was extremely please with the quality of your work. Because of the level of detail you gave me, I was able to have the seller split many costs with me at the closing table, to fix things that I would not of even known were not working properly. Thanks again.

Susan Gusky - Austin

  • You did a great job, and I was very pleased with your service. I would definitely recommend you to friends.

Larry Amberg - Austin

  • Thank you for your great report. You were thorough and very informative. We appreciate your help.

Adriana P. - Austin

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional job. It was very fast and easy to work with you. We will definitely recommend you if we ever have a chance.

Kimberly Amicon - Austin

  • You did a fabulous job! You were very patient with all my questions and helpful with things outside of your scope of inspection. You took your time and were very thorough. We will definitely use you for future inspections.

Sophia Rol - Wimberley

  • Honestly, I would give you 5's for everything. I have bought 3 houses and used 3 different inspectors and you were the best. I will use you again and refer others to you. Thanks!

Neal Shah - Austin

  • You were great! A "5" all the way across the board!

Gene - Marble Falls

  • I must say I am amazed at the expertise you put in your reports. Although some people might find your service to be a little expensive, it would only be because they have not used your service. As for my part, after using your services twice and comparing it to what it would cost me to come and inspect the residence myself, I do not know how a out-of-town buyer can afford NOT to have your service. The photos of the problems are more informative than inspecting the problems themselves because your [explanation] is so precise. I find your service more important than a personal inspection and highly recommend it to anyone--especially out-of-town purchasers. Thank you very much.

Name Withheld - Austin

  • I would rate all services at a "5." I was very impressed with the time you took with me, and the thoroughness of the inspection. The report was first-rate. I will definitely recommend you in the future.

Gale Noble - Lakeway

  • All 5's. I felt the inspection was very thorough.

Nancy Benzel - Austin

  • Thank you so much, Tim, for helping me with this exciting process. We will be closing at the end of the month.

Stephen Aiton - Round Rock

  • I was very impressed with your thoroughness and professionalism. I appreciated you taking your time to show me things to look out for. Two of the points from your report we had the seller fix and we are going to use your report to prioritise some future maintenance.

Michelle Kuhn - Austin

  • Five stars across the board; strongly agrees that all aspects of service was excellent!

Jason Gao - Cedar Park

  • Thanks for the wonderful service. I am 100% satisfied with your service! Off course, I will strongly recommend you and your company to my friends and colleagues.

Linda Price - Round Rock

  • Give yourself 5 stars in all categories!

Thad Henry - Austin

  • Thank you for doing such a thorough job!


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